Work Stream

Download and “play” this PowerPoint (hit “play from the start” in the “slide show” tab at the top of PowerPoint) to help you fill in Worksheet #2 on the mapping your stakeholders: Step2-Stakeholders.ppt


Main Points


  • Identify and fill in stakeholders up, across and down
    1.Up Stakeholders
    o Your boss and their boss
    2. Across Stakeholders
    o Across has two parts. Start with internal peers and allies. Then add external allies, customers and suppliers.
    3. Down Stakeholders
    o Write down direct reports, then selected others who significantly impact you and/or you them.


  • Identify and fill in Shadow Board, hidden, formal and personal stakeholders
    4. Shadow Stakeholders
    o Board members who control or strongly influence the board even if they don’t have their own seats.
    5. Former Stakeholders
    o Those who used to be in key roles, but still have influence (like the person who used to have your new job).
    6. Personal Stakeholders
    o Your family or mentors.
    7. Hidden Stakeholders
    o Those that you might not normally consider, but who have influence. You might ask others who’s missing on your list.