Work Stream

One thought on your “plan”. You probably don’t know enough to do a complete, final plan at this point. But you do know enough to do a preliminary, hypothetical plan that you can use to guide your learning. That’s what we’re after. Not the final plan you’re going to implement, but enough of a plan to put you on the front foot as you assimilate and learn starting now.

Download and “play” this PowerPoint (hit “play from the start” in the “slide show” tab at the top of PowerPoint) to help you fill in Worksheet #1 on the opportunity/context: Step1-Opportunity.ppt

Main Points

(These are the main points from the PowerPoint slide show just in case you couldn’t open it or got bored. You can theoretically fill in the worksheet with just these points. But then you’d miss all of George’s comments on the slide show.)

  • What’s the job? (Fill in the title and accountabilities – what they expect you to get done including objectives, goals and priorities.)
  • Why did they choose you? (What made you stand out from the other candidates)
  • Why did you say yes? (What’s most exciting about this opportunity for you?)
  • Risks? (What risks did you see? What made you think twice?) Look at business, organizational, role and personal risks.
  • Organization’s objectives and strategies: (Fill in the objectives and goals for the overall organization and its strategies or priorities)
  • How does the position impact the rest of the organization? (All work is process. Think suppliers – inputs – process – outputs – customers. What inputs do you and your team need from others? What outputs do others need from you? What will they do with those outputs?)
  • ACES choice based on context and culture.
    o Assimilate if low need to change and high openness to change
    o Converge and Evolve slowly if low need and low openness
    o Converge and Evolve fast if urgent need for change and high openness
    o Shock if high urgent for change and low openness to change
  • Get job description and organization chart.
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