Welcome to New Job Prep by PrimeGenesis

Let’s get you up to speed

You’ll work through seven steps/worksheets and then, if you chose the option to, you’ll share your worksheets with a PrimeGenesis partner for their input in a closing phone call (one hour-ish). Each step in the program guides you through a personal onboarding plan that accelerates your relationships and learning.

New Job Prep (NJP) is organized into four modules that include seven steps, as seen below:


Overall Introduction

1)  Get a Head Start: Steps 1 & 2

2) Manage the Message: Steps 3-5

3) Set Direction. Build the Team: Step 6

4) Sustain Momentum. Deliver Results: Step 7

Wrap Up


1-  Understand the Opportunity

2- Map Your Stakeholders

3- Craft Your Message

4- Fuzzy Front End Steps

5- Day One Checklist

6-  Implement Building Blocks

7- Adjust as Appropriate

Work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You manage the online, 7-step work stream. PrimeGenesis partners, leading executive onboarding experts and authors of The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan, guide you each step of the way. This program delivers the same methodology PrimeGenesis uses to onboard senior executives with companies around the world.

Visit the Step 1: Opportunity section to download your materials and begin.

Enhance Your New Job Prep Experience

Go into as much depth as you want

Level 1 - Worksheets

You can create a quick and dirty 100-day plan by downloading the worksheets and filling them in using the instructions at the end. This requires no videos, no work streams, no further reading.

Level 2 - Pairing Resources

For more depth and insight, download the worksheets, watch the videos and then let the audio-visual presentations and online instructions guide you through the worksheets step-by-step.

Level 3 - Additional Reading

For even more insight tackle the additionally recommended reading starting with The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan on which this program is based. We’ve recommended articles in the conclusions page of each section. They will give you even more insight days.

Level 4 - Conversation

Having completed the first three levels, if you chose the option to, you will then have a conversation with a PrimeGenesis partner. We’ve seen a gazillion plans like yours and can give you some tips on what to emphasize, modify, drop and add.

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