Welcome to New Job Prep by PrimeGenesis

Let’s get you up to speed

You’ll work through seven steps/worksheets and then share your worksheets with a PrimeGenesis partner for their input in a closing phone call (one hour-ish). Each step in the program guides you through a personal onboarding plan that accelerates your relationships and learning.

New Job Prep (NJP) is organized into four modules that include seven steps, as seen below:


Overall Introduction

1)  Get a Head Start: Steps 1 & 2

2) Manage the Message: Steps 3-5

3) Set Direction. Build the Team: Step 6

4) Sustain Momentum. Deliver Results: Step 7

Wrap Up


1-  Understand the Opportunity

2- Map Your Stakeholders

3- Craft Your Message

4- Fuzzy Front End Steps

5- Day One Checklist

6-  Implement Building Blocks

7- Adjust as Appropriate

Work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You manage the online, 7-step work stream. PrimeGenesis partners, leading executive onboarding experts and authors of The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan, guide you each step of the way. This program delivers the same methodology PrimeGenesis uses to onboard senior executives with companies around the world.

Enhance Your New Job Prep Experience

Go into as much depth as you want

Level 1 - Worksheets

You can create a quick and dirty 100-day plan by downloading the worksheets and filling them in using the instructions at the end. This requires no videos, no work streams, no further reading.

Level 2 - Pairing Resources

For more depth and insight, download the worksheets, watch the videos and then let the audio-visual presentations and conclusion pages guide you through the worksheets step-by-step.

Level 3 - Additional Reading

For even more insight tackle the additionally recommended reading starting with The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan on which this program is based. We’ve recommended articles in the conclusions page of each section. They will give you even more insight days.

Level 4 - Conversation

Having completed the first three levels, you can then have a conversation with a PrimeGenesis partner. We’ve seen a gazillion plans like yours and can give you some tips on what to emphasize, modify, drop and add.

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