Work Stream


Download and “play” this PowerPoint (hit “play from the start” in the “slide show” tab at the top of PowerPoint) to help you fill in Worksheet #3 on the managing your message): Step3-Message.ppt



Main Points

  • Platform for change (Write down why the people you’re trying to influence can’t keep doing what they are doing. Whenever possible, this should be a change in the outside world – a new regulation, a new competitor, a market or consumer change. Like melting ice flows if you’re a polar bear family)
  • Vision (Write down a concrete picture of success for the people you’re trying to influence. It’s not your vision. It’s them envisioning themselves in a better future – like polar bears safe on solid land)
  • Call to action (Write down the steps all can take to move towards the vision – like polar bears swimming to the solid land)
  • Headline (Pull this together into a headline or bumper sticker. “Stay ahead of the curve” was a good example for an organization that was in good shape but had strong competitors closing the gap. Look to your vision or call to action for ideas on this. This is worth spending time on to get vaguely right.)
  • Communication points (Write down the 3-5 main communication points you’re going to drive through the organization – generally looks a lot like the call to action, though could echo the platform for change or vision)
  • Uses (Think through and write down how you’re going to use this message with different stakeholders over time)
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