Getting Started as a New Job Prep Member

To get started, familiarize yourself with the resources and information below.

Download Your Documents

To begin the New Job Prep program, please download your New Job Prep Worksheets and New Job Prep Instructions packets. They will be referenced and utilized from this point on. You will complete one worksheet per step, whereas the instructions packet offers additional clarity.

(Click graphic to download)

(Click graphic to download)

Understand the New Job Prep Process

As you go through each step, you can enhance your experience by accessing videos, completing worksheets, implementing next steps, and referencing additional reading, as desired.

Each of the seven steps includes the following learning opportunities and resources, and we recommend you explore them starting at the top and working your way downward.

1) Video: Get your bearings. Watch the video to understand what topic you will be addressing and working through during this particular step

2) Instructional Guidelines: Time to do the work. Pull out your worksheet packet and follow the instructions to guide you through the corresponding worksheet. A PowerPoint walkthrough slideshow is also available as an additional resource.

3) Follow Up Actions: Make note of these follow up items and take action.

4) Additional Reading: Further your perspective. Read up on others’ experiences on these topics by exploring suggested articles.

5) Next Step Preview: Understand what’s next. Skim over this preview of the next New Job Prep step.