Work Stream

Download and “play” this PowerPoint (hit “play from the start” in the “slide show” tab at the top of PowerPoint) to help you fill in Worksheet #5 on the day one checklist: Step5-DayOne.ppt


Main Points

  • Official day one (write down your first day of employment. That’s relatively straightforward)
  • Effective day one (Write down your effective day one. This is the day you take charge of your team. Could be a couple of days after your official day one if you’re going to be stuck in orientations or management meetings. It could be a few weeks down the road if you’re going on some sort of learning tour.)
  • Entry plan
    o Initial large group meeting (Think in terms of some sort of informal meet and greet – perhaps over morning coffee – with NO speeches)
    o Initial small group meeting (Could be a team lunch or the like)
    o New Leader Assimilation? (Think about pulling your direct reports and their direct reports together for a facilitated session so they can all hear answers to their questions at the same time)
    o Other internal stakeholder meetings (Write down others that you want to have one-on-ones with that you were not able to meet with before day one. This could be a way to start living your message.)
    o External stakeholder meetings (If external stakeholders are a priority, you should meet with them on day one so you are visibly living your message)
    o External stakeholder phone calls. (Write down others you want to call on day one or early days
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